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Everyone has a dream. Mine was to get an academic education in foreign languages. I took a big step by choosing English major in high school. I got accepted with a high score to Uludag University which was my first choice to study French. I started to my education with an excitement to learn other languages and a motivation to heavy study.  I started to feel something was missing at the end of the year. On the second year this feeling became more obvious… I started to think if I want to study in Turkey. It wasn’t.

I have decided to enroll to a work and study program in US at 2008, summer time. I came to Texas by taking help about the application procedure from a friend. After staying there for a while, I moved to Florida. My goal was to find out more about the culture and the educational system while working and traveling at the same time. I came to a conclusion after too much thinking. I could have choose a different major and learn the language naturally while living in US. I had a J1 visa since I came to the country by work and travel program and I had to change it to F1 for to go to the school. In this case you have 2 options:

First option is to apply to immigration to convert J1 visa to F1 without leaving the country. To do this, an American citizen with a certain salary needs to be sponsor you and you should have enough amount of money in your account.

Second option is to return to your country and apply for a F1 visa after preparing necessary documents and wait for the answer…

I choose the first option because I already had a job and thought that first option would be more beneficiary but it didn’t turn out that way. I had to wait for eight months. It was taking immigration a long time to process and get longer and longer… I regret to not to apply in Turkey but I never regret the time I spend here. I had a better network while staying. I heard good things about the schools in Los Angeles and decided to move there. Especially everybody knows how UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) is one of the most reputable universities in the world. Some people can enroll the certification program at UCLA Extension or some can get a Bachelor degree at the university and enter the business world one step ahead of others. I have continued with my education for secondary language at UCLA where gives you a lot of alternatives with its’ countless programs. I started to take French Language and Phonetics while my English was improving. After completing the program at UCLA, I enrolled Business English class at Language Systems International. After a while I tried hard to improve my English more. LSI also provides an education to the individuals with no English on international level. On the other hand they have TOEFL, GMAT, ESL, IBT, TOEIC preparation classes. This was a very useful program.

In the mean time I came across with a final decision about what to study. Since I was very interested in philosophy, sociology and politics, political science and politics was the best choice for me. I enrolled the Political Science major in California International University but then I transferred to Santa Monica after having doubts about the equivalence of the degree of California International University can provide after the graduation. After having a tough and a long time about the education, I started to study with the pleasure of finally choosing my final destination at SMC.

I got dizzy when I look back and think about this long and tough times J but when I look at the unforgettable experiences I gain out of it, I say “it worth every minute of it”. I have never regretted of my decisions. I learned about life a lot other than the education. It would be a long list if I put everything in categories.

First of all, the most important advantage was the language. It could give a different perception to know English in an advanced level.

I learned to survive by myself. This helped me to solve problems. I can now create more solutions to the problems.

The network I had in Los Angeles is the key to door of my career in the future. Also I take advantage of communicating with the companies which has a good reputation in international platform.

Meeting with people from different cultures helped me to get a better knowledge about people. I figured out that everybody is another world.

The education in US and Los Angeles has a better quality and cheaper than the private universities in Turkey. Plus, the degree will create incredible opportunities.

The weather is warm like the people here. To be able to sunbath in Venice Beach even during the winter time, the privilege to do my homework with the sound of the ocean makes school is a loving place.

It is a privilege to study in Los Angeles. Why wouldn’t you have that?

Gamze Guven

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